College Planning FAQ

» Why use an independent college counselor?

Today the cost of a public university education is more than $80,000 and for a private college or university, the price tag can be close to $200,000. or more prior to financial assistance. This is a major decision with major consequences. At the same time, school counselors have been reduced and repurposed, often with responsibility for 400, 500 or even more students. Your family deserves to receive the most current information, and the most personal service in order to find the schools that meet your personal needs in the best way – including financially.

Senior year is a stressful time for students and parents alike. We take care of all the details and deadlines, so families have more quality time. Reducing family tension and increasing the joy in the senior year parent-child relationship is often cited by our customers as a great benefit of our service.

Custom Fit College Planning helps take the stress out of the college application process by being a support for the entire family. We work together to submit your strongest applications to the right schools at the right time for the best results.

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» Can you help an athlete?

I have experience working with placement of DIII, and NAIA athletes and can help you craft your athletic resume to showcase your talents to your target coaches. I do not create athletic tapes. While DIII schools are not allowed to award athletic scholarships, a well-crafted athletic application can be a significant factor in both acceptance and financial assistance, depending on school policies. My wealth of knowledge about individual schools can help you find a custom athletic fit, as well as a great place to learn. For more information, visit the NCAA and eligibility requirements for student athletes.

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» Should I take SAT subject tests?

Many students are confused about the timing of SAT Subject tests (sometimes called SAT II exams). These are subject specific exams offered at different times of the year. It is best to take the subject test as soon as possible after completing the class most aligned with the exam. Custom Fit College Planning will help you create a complete testing calendar for your individual needs and applications.

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» How can we find out about the safety record of a college?

This is a great question and one more students and families should ask. Click here to find safety, crime, and fire statistics on thousands of college and universities.

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» My family income is over $100,000 per year – is there really any point in applying for financial aid?

The simple answer is YES, however the answer also depends on a great many variables. Every family situation is unique and the financial aid laws are complex and changing. Custom Fit College Planning can help you determine the historic trends at the schools you choose, regarding costs for students with your profile. Each college or university is also required to have a “net price calculator” available to potential applicants to help them gauge their likely cost. Some schools include scholarships in their calculators, while others don’t, thus calculators are of limited value. I will work with you to understand the financial variables at each of your target schools.

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» My grades are ok, but not great – should I spend time applying for scholarships?

Custom Fit College Planning will do a complete review and assessment of your entire profile – you are NOT just your grades! Community service, leadership, athletics, music, and many other areas are possible avenues to scholarship awards.

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» I don’t really know what I want to study. Can you still help find a good school for me?

Absolutely! Most people are not sure of their goals at age seventeen or eighteen and that is no requirement for finding schools where you will continue to develop skills and knowledge for your future. The personal approach of Custom Fit College Planning will help you consider many factors in choosing the schools where you will apply. Being able to grow in many aspects will be an attribute of a school that is your custom fit.

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